Your Pet Photo Here…

Here’s the deal…

I love pets. There’s nothing better when it comes to providing companionship and making my life better. So with that said, I want us to celebrate our pets. Send in your favorite pet picture and we’ll vote on the best pic of the week. Prizes will be given away weekly to the winner. In this way we can celebrate our pets and everything they do for us and help us remember why it’s so important to get your pets spayed or neutered so we have fewer of these precious friends in shelters, being euthanized or living on the streets. Help me prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and make sure every pet has a good home!

We’re getting ready to announce our first winner for the month of September! The prize will be announced soon. Let’s just say that you wine lovers will really love this one! Anyway, there’s still a few days to get your pet photos in to be eligible for the September prize. The latest additions come from Betsy Vajtay and her dog, Dixie. They’re on a BOAT! I’ll let you finish that sentence if you want. I hope you enjoy these lovely photos of Dixie as much as I did. And, as always, help me spread the word about my efforts to help prevent unwanted pet pregnancies. Follow me on Twitter, @nursenancysays, and check out my website, and find a spay and neuter clinic near you!


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