Welcome To The Family!

Nurse Nancy is PROUD to announce that we have a new sponsor on board for our effort to increase the number of spays and neuters in Denver. Vitamin Cottage has signed on to the campaign and is providing $10 gift cards for all Front Range Vitamin Cottages. This is great news as anyone using the Nurse Nancy Nurse’s Note will now receive $30 in rewards just for getting your pet spayed or neutered!

We’ve been getting some questions about using the note, so I just wanted to take a few moments to explain how it works. It’s really simple, actually. You just go to the website, http://www.nursenancypresents.com and download the note. You can print it directly from your desktop or print the entire page. Then all you do is go to the nearest participating spay or neuter clinic and present the note. After you register for a spay or neuter and once the procedure is done, you’ll get your $30 in rewards cards. It’s just that simple.

Of course, you’ll want to find a participating clinic near you and we have a listing of all of the high-quality-affordable clinics on the Nurse Nancy website. And of course we’re absolutely THRILLED that BeauJo’s, B-Cycle and Vitamin Cottage are behind this effort. Think about it, for simply taking a few hours to get your pet spayed or neutered, you can get a free pizza, or free beer, a free pitcher, free bike rides, free food or supplements, it’s your choice.

In the end, we really want this campaign to work, not just because it’s our job, but because it’s a passion and it makes a difference. The more spays and neuters we can drive to our clinics across the Front Range, the more lives we save in the long run. Our clinics already offer spays and neuters at the lowest prices around, but they care about stopping unwanted pet pregnancies and fighting pet overpopulation; which, by the way, will save millions in tax dollars.

So get out there and help spread the word! Download some Nurse Nancy Notes and hand them out to your friends, strangers, loved ones. That’s what Nurse Nancy will be doing. She’ll be at local Farmers’ Markets and summer events, so keep an eye out for her. And if you do see her, come on over and say hello, because every person counts in this fight and your support is very valuable. Besides, you know what they say, a Nurse’s Note a day keeps the kittens and puppies at bay!

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