An Apple A Day…

There’s that old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of apples. They’re tart, the skin gets stuck between my teeth and I can’t eat a whole one in a single sitting which makes me feel bad about wasting half an apple. And besides, I’ve always liked doctors, especially vets. They’re a big help in my fight against pet overpopulation. And me, being a Nurse and all, well, I’ve decided to take a page from the old “Doctor’s Handbook.”

The Doctor’s note has always had a good connotation to it. It helps get you out of gym class, it excuses you from a day of work, it comes in handy when your friends want you to help them move. But they really come in handy when there’s a real problem. It’s like a portable sign you can whip out and show everyone that says, “Look, I’m really sick, see, the doctor says so…so just let me rest and get better.”

Not long ago, it hit me, why not use a Doctor’s Note to do other good things, like, say, promote spay and neuter programs. Again, being a Nurse, I’m in a good position to understand the inner workings of the “Doctor’s Note” plus, I can actually issue notes myself. Within a day, the Nurse Nancy “Nurse’s Note” was born. I managed to round up some wonderful partners and now I present to you “THE NOTE”.

It’s a very simple concept, actually. You just print off the note from my website, or from the sites of any of the participating clinics in my spay and neuter network. They’re located from Fort Collins to South Denver and each one of them provides affordable, high-quality spays and neuters for cats or dogs. Of course you can find all of the clinics on my website, Anyway, you print off the note, take it into the participating clinic nearest you and make an appointment for a spay or neuter. Once the procedure is done, you will receive $20 in reward cards good for free bike rides from Denver B-Cycle or FREE BEER and pizza from BeauJo’s.

You might also notice some funky looking squares at the bottom of the note as well. These are codes that will take you to my website, my blog (right here!) and my Facebook page where you can friend me and help in the fight against pet overpopulation. If you have a smartphone, all you have to do is use your QR Code reader app (a free download), scan the square and you’ll be taken directly to one of my sites. Pretty easy, right? This can come in handy if you don’t have time or ability to print off the note, you can just scan the squares, find the image of the note and show it to the clinic of your choice. Ain’t technology wonderful?

And speaking of technology, I’m still in the middle of a heck of a mystery. I’m closer to finding the missing Muffy the kitty, but I still need your help. The first clue went up this week with the latest video release. You can watch the latest release right here, or check it out on my website or my YouTube page.

The next two videos will have the last two clues and instructions on how to help me solve the mystery. But here’s the best part. One lucky winner will get $100 in FREE GROCERIES! Yep, that’s right, a hundred buckaroos in free food. Just for watching the videos and helping me solve the mystery. If you can figure out which suspect cat-napped Muffy and where she’s being held, you’ll be eligible to win the big prize!

So help me get the word out, tell your friends and family. Get them to watch the video, use the Nurse’s Note, and spread the word about Nurse Nancy and our fight against pet overpopulation. I mean, spaying and neutering is simple, affordable and convenient. It’s only a quick trip to the vet and in the end, you get all this free stuff like food, beer and bike rides. Heck you might even end up with a hundred dollar gift certificate for free groceries. And that can buy a lot of apples!

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