Something special for YOU!

Here it is. You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here. A special “thank you” reward for simply getting your pet spayed or neutered. I know, spaying and neutering isn’t necessarily at the top of your “to-do” list. But it’s worth it to keep your pet happy and healthy, to save money in the long run, to not have to deal with the pee smell, the howling when they’re in heat, the high-strung nature of unfixed pets. Plus, the ten affordable, high-quality clinics in the Nurse Nancy network provide spays and neuters at prices you just can’t beat…anywhere.

And yet, I know that when the weather turns sunny and warm, you’d probably rather be outside in the park, hanging out in the mountains, spending time in the garden than schlepping down to a clinic to get your pet fixed. At least, until now. That’s because the note above is special. It’s not just a reminder that getting your pet spayed and neutered helps save lives of tens of thousands of cats and dogs along Colorado’s Front Range. The Nurse’s Note above signifies something more.

The Nurse Nancy “Nurse’s Note” means free pizza. It means a free pitcher of beer. It means a night out with friends at one of Colorado’s most popular pizza joints. It also means free bike rides through Denver. Tired of all the construction in downtown Denver? Sick of getting stuck in traffic when you’re just trying to make your way across town? Fed up with the new parking fees? The Nurse’s Note above can help ease your pain. Ride one of B-Cycle’s red bikes and get to your destination without any hassles. Enjoy the great weather, get a little exercise and go green all at the same time.

So the note isn’t JUST about spaying and neutering, it’s about being rewarded for doing something that ultimately makes Colorado a better place to live. It’s also a “thank you” for helping in the fight against pet overpopulation. Remember, spaying and neutering your pets is simple to do, quick, and affordable. Most spays and neuters take only a few minutes to do. You can get in and out in the time it takes to drop off your pet and grab a quick lunch. Plus, there’s nothing to it. All you have to do is present the note at one of the TEN participating clinics and they’ll do the rest. Once the procedure is done, they’ll give you $20 in gift cards to do with as you please. What could be better than that?

And of course, the cost is minimal. Each and every one of the clinics in the Nurse Nancy network provides spays and neuters at prices that are the lowest in Colorado. That’s because they are committed to fighting pet overpopulation. They understand how important it is and they want to make it as easy and cost-effective for you to get your pet fixed.

So take a quick break and go to, or to any of the websites in the network and print off the note. Then take that note to one of the clinics and claim your reward. If you can’t print it off, just go to one of the clinics and tell them you need a Nurse’s Note for your pet. They’ll have one ready for you and take care of everything else. Then, when you’re done, take a bike ride, grab a pizza, indulge in a beer. It’s on us!

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