Part Three Has Arrived!

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath, and here it is! Solving mysteries is tough work, you know? Bowser and I have been out pounding the pavement and looking for clues. It took a little while, but I’m proud to say that we’re getting closer to finding the missing Muffy the Cat! Bowser went out and rounded up the usual suspects and we did some heavy duty interrogations, and we’ve finally narrowed down our suspects to three. They are Mr. Cuddles, a notorious black market business-cat, Chilly Kitty, who runs the Kit Kat Club where Muffy was last seen and The Big Chief, a tough dog with a lifelong aversion to cats.

Check out the video and see what happened!

Of course, Bowser and I still need help in locating Muffy, and we could use your help! We’re going to be releasing some of the clues we’ve found along the way so you can help us in our investigation. So keep an eye out for those.

We’ll have the fourth video in the series in just two weeks, so help Nurse Nancy fight pet overpopulation and spread the word about spay and neuter! Share with your friends, find her on Facebook and of course Twitter: @nursenancysays and link to this blog! The more people we get involved in this effort, the more lives we can save.

As always, thank you so much for your continuing support and let’s keep the fight going!

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