On Pizza, Bicycles and Spay/Neuter

Greetings boys and girls. I know, it’s been a little bit since I’ve had a chance to touch base with you all. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy out there fighting pet overpopulation, one cat and dog at a time. Actually, I’ve been busy getting ready to release the next few videos in my “Big Fix” series, so keep an eye out for that one coming this week. We’ll also be putting up clues for you all to start looking for. But more importantly, I’ve been pounding the pavement to find ways to say “thank you” for the effort you all have put in on this effort.

Well, I finally was able to get some partners locked into the campaign and I wanted to let you all know about it. First, let me say a couple of things. Each and every clinic that is involved with me on this campaign is a valued partner. They are all also affordable, high-quality clinics who are committed to reducing the number of homeless pets along the Front Range. But something strange has been happening lately, which inspired me to go out and find some motivation.

Let’s face it, spay and neuter isn’t a sexy issue. So many other things are happening in the world today, that it’s hard to grab the attention of folks who are likely more concerned about making sure they get their electric bill paid, put food on the table and focus on keeping their job. I get it. It’s tough out there. You pile other things like strife in the Middle East, U.S. soldiers in harm’s way, drought, war, starvation and natural disasters hitting various parts of the world, well, pet overpopulation is tough to get excited about for most folks.

Even when we point out that it costs Denver taxpayers over $100 per person to manage the pet overpopulation problem, the reaction was muted. We found that, for a lot of people, low prices for spay and neuters wasn’t enough to get them to get their pet into their local clinic for the procedure. Particularly with the younger folks, they simply have other priorities. Hey, again, I’ve been there. There was a day when all I really focused on was going out, having fun, working and, well, having fun. Spaying and neutering was lower on my priorities list.

Here’s the thing. We understand that sometimes it takes more than just a good price to motivate folks. Sometimes a simply thank you is motivation enough. For some, we could offer free spays and neuters and they still wouldn’t come in. So we wondered, “how do we reach these folks and motivate them to get their pets spayed or neutered?” Then it hit us. Free stuff!

We figured that if we combined the low prices with some really cool free stuff, it just might be enough to motivate people to get on into the clinics for spays and neuters. To that end, we are THRILLED to announce some free stuff we’d like to offer you for getting your pet spayed or neutered.

First up, we managed to lock in Denver B-Cycle as a partner in the Nurse Nancy campaign. For those of you not familiar with Denver B-Cycle, it’s a bike sharing program across the city of Denver. It’s a great program that allows anyone to “borrow” a bike for free with a membership. A yearly membership is $65, which comes out to about just over five dollars a month. With a membership, you’re able to check out a bike, and ride it for free for up to an hour, anywhere in the city. Check out their website for more details, www.denver.bcycle.com.

Denver B-Cycle has generously given us hundreds of discount cards to give away to anyone getting their pet spayed or neutered as part of the Nurse Nancy campaign. Plus, if you sign up for a B-Cycle membership, you’ll get a B-Card which will provide discounts to over 100 merchants in the metro area, including discounts at many of the clinics participating in the Nurse Nancy campaign. What a deal. Not only do you get $10 off a B-Cycle membership (that’s like two months FOR FREE!) but you’ll also get a discount on the spay and neuter itself.

But wait, there’s MORE!!

We have also partnered with BeauJo’s Pizza to offer $10 gift cards at any Colorado BeauJo’s location. Think about it. That’s like a couple of pitchers of beer, just for getting your pet fixed! Or you could use it on one of their famous “Colorado Style” pizzas. If you’ve never been to a BeauJo’s, you need to go. They have the best pizza in Colorado, just ask anyone who’s spent a few hours at the Idaho Springs location after a long day of skiing.

The process to get both cards is the same. You simply download the Nurse Nancy “Nurse’s Note” from our website, take it into one of my ten partner clinics and get your pet fixed. Once the procedure is done, you’ll get both the B-Cycle card as well as the BeauJo’s card. It’s like getting paid $20 for getting your pet fixed. Such a deal!

So that’s it. The reward deal starts on Monday, May 2nd, and will last until we’re out of cards. It’s simple and convenient, and it’s just Nurse Nancy’s way of saying Thank YOU for helping me in the fight against pet overpopulation. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, tell your friends about our effort and get people to join the fight. Remember, the more friends and followers, the more kittens and puppies we can save. You can also follow me on Twitter; @nursenancysays for the latest clues from our video series and updates on our reward cards. We’ll also keep you updated on the happenings at our clinics as well.

As always, check back here often for updates and information and go to the website, http://www.nursenancypresents.com for the latest Nurse Nancy goings on.

Together we can make a difference!

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