King of the Hill!

No, I’m not talking about that crazy little cartoon based somewhere in Texas with a creepy fixation on propane and propane accessories. I’m talking about a hill of kittens and puppies. I know, that sounds strange, but take a look at this picture and tell me that it doesn’t resemble a kind of bizarre game of king of the hill.

I have to thank “Dogs and Cats 101, with Jan Marlyn Reesman” for this graphic. Click here to see her site.

You might have seen something like this before. One cat or one dog sitting atop a pile of cute little kittens or puppies. I mean, hey, it’s a powerful image, right? Of course it is. But I think the more powerful impact of this graphic is the sheer number of kittens or puppies that can result from one single unspayed cat or dog. Think about it. One single uspayed cat can spawn eight million kittens in eight years. Let me say that again…EIGHT MILLION!

I get asked all the time why I devote my time to handing out condoms and working so hard to prevent unwanted pet pregnancies by pushing spaying and neutering. Well, that graphic and those numbers say it all. Let’s assume that the majority of those kittens end up without homes (as studies show). Heck let’s say half end up in loving homes. That’s still four million kittens that end up on the streets, breeding and, more than likely being euthanized by municipalities across the country.

Four million cats and dogs, and that’s a pretty low estimate by some accounts, destroyed over the course of eight years. I cry every time I think about it. And then I get angry. Spaying and neutering saves lives, millions of lives. Spaying and neutering means more pets can find loving homes. Spaying and neutering means millions, maybe billions saved in taxpayer dollars not spent on catching, processing and euthanizing cats and dogs.

It’s such a simple, quick and affordable procedure, too. I have assembled a wonderful group of clinics across the Front Range of Colorado that provide spaying and neutering services at costs everyone can afford. There’s no excuse for not having a pet fixed. This is why I work so hard. This is why this matters so much. Nurse Nancy, you, your friends, everyone you know stands on the front lines of the problem of pet overpopulation. So help me spread the word, join my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter: @nursenancysays, and keep following this blog for updates and articles. Also, check out my website, for a list of all of the participating clinics. Forward them to your friends and let them know about this campaign. Every little bit helps.

And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being involved.

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