The All-Knowing Swami

When I was a kid, I used to watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Every now and then, he’d do a bit called the Great and All-Knowing Swami! He’d don a turban and cape, hold an envelope to his head and amazingly give the answer to whatever the question was that was in the envelope. It was funny, I liked it. But ever since then, I’ve always wanted to do something like that. You know, have people ask me questions and then I’d give amazing answers.

As it turns out, I don’t have psychic abilities like the Great Swami, but I DO have a lot of answers to give, particularly when it comes to the topic of spaying and neutering. Recently, I had an opportunity to live out my childhood dream by answering a few viewer questions. See, I get asked a lot of questions. People want to know WHY spaying and neutering is so important, WHY it matters, when is the best time to get a pet fixed. But every now and then I get some different types of questions.

Today, I thought I’d pass along some of the questions I’ve received in my emails and on my Twitter and even on Facebook. As you’ll see, I’m just a plethora of good information and don’t I look good on camera? So if you ever want to know how early a pet can get pregnant, or why spaying and neutering your cat can help you earn that much-needed promotion, check out the video below.

Now, wasn’t that interesting? And I have to say, I think I looked great on camera. I was just like Johnny Carson, only without the turban, or the cape, or a sidekick, or a nationally televised late night…well, you know what I mean.

By the way, I was serious at the end there. Please keep the questions coming. You can reach me at email at, or on Twitter: @nursenancysays, and of course I’m always on Facebook. Keep spreading the word about Nurse Nancy and help me fight pet overpopulation. Every friend and follower saves the life of a cat or a dog in the U.S. by letting others know how important this issue is.

Anyway, stay tuned here for more updates, Spay Day specials in your area and all the deals going on at a spay and neuter clinic near you. Check out my website for clinic locations; And remember, spaying and neutering is quick, simple, and most importantly, affordable!

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