A Growing Partnership!

One of the things I learned pretty early on in my quest to spread the word about spaying and neutering was that I can’t do it alone. It was apparent from the start that everybody needs to be on board to help spread the word about spaying and neutering, prevent unwanted pregnancies and fight the pet overpopulation problem. Let’s face it, I’m just one nurse, I can only do so much. That’s why I’ve been so busy online and in public trying to drum up support and gather friends and followers. We’re growing, but we need more. Ideally, I’d love to grow a virtual army of followers and friends…call it “The Nurse Nancy Nation” dedicated to carrying forth the message about spaying and neutering.

Fortunately, I have a strong foundation to build upon. Right at the start, thanks to some great help from the Animal Assistance Foundation in Denver, I was able to bring together several high-quality, affordable spay and neuter clinics to help in this cause.

From the beginning, the focus of the campaign has been to raise awareness about spaying and neutering. But we also want to let people know that spaying and neutering is simple, convenient and affordable. Of course the only way to do this is to highlight the clinics that have been with me since the beginning.

You can always check out the clinics by simply going to my links on the right side of this blog and click on one of the clinics near you. Of course, you also can go to my website, http://www.nursenancypresents.com and click on one of the clinics to make an appointment to have your pet spayed or neutered. It’s also as easy as sending the links to anyone you know who has a pet that isn’t spayed or neutered. Get them to watch the video, read my blog and join the Facebook page.

But sometimes I know you all need a little more incentive. It’s totally understandable, especially with the holidays suddenly upon us and budgets getting tighter. Well, never worry my friends. Nurse Nancy is here for you when you need her most. Many of our clinics are on board and are offering some incredible deals and specials through the remainder of the year.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at this, then:

Spay Today:
This great clinic in Denver offers more than just spaying and neutering. They also provide shots as well as microchipping for both cats and dogs. Currently, Spay Today is offering both rabies and distemper shots for a total of $15. If your pet is under five months old, the price is even cheaper; only $5 for cats, $10 for dogs. They also offer spaying and neutering for cats and dogs starting at $40.

The Feline Fix:
The Feline Fix is a member of Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance and is offering perhaps the best deal in town right now. Only $10 spays or neuters for cats through December. They are pretty full right now, so make sure to get your reservation today!

Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital:
Need a cat or dog spayed or neutered? Get down to Harrison where they’re offering $5 discounts to anyone mentioning Nurse Nancy through November. For $40 or less you can get your pet fixed and never have to worry about unwanted litters crowding your house after the holidays.

Cat Care Society:
The Cat Care Society is offering reduced rates of $25 for neuters and $35 for spays through the end of the year. Another great deal for anyone who might be thinking of adopting a pet for the holidays. Most of the shelters are giving out vouchers for $70 spays or neuters. You can get your cat fixed for almost half that by going to the Cat Care Society.

In each of these cases, all you have to do is go to any of the aforementioned clinics and mention that Nurse Nancy sent you, and you’ll get your discount. It’s important that you mention that I sent you, otherwise the clinics won’t know you’re part of the promotion, and you’ll be charged full prices. And who doesn’t want to save a few bucks?

If these clinics aren’t in your area, don’t worry. I’m working with clinics all along the Front Range of Colorado. You can always go to the list on the side of this blog and click on the clinic near you to see what their prices are, what specials are being offered, times the clinics are open and locations.

See? What would you do without me? So go join me, won’t you? Help send my links to anyone you know who loves pets and wants to join in the fight to prevent unwanted pet pregnancies. It will save taxpayers millions of dollars, save the lives of cats and dogs who will go to loving families and, if nothing else, will give you that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good for the holidays.

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