Big Thank You!

I was out having breakfast on Saturday, as most people do on a lazy Saturday morning, and I ran across a wonderful little tea shop in Cherry Creek North, right across from the new Eggshell. The Welsh Dragon Tea Shoppe is at 235 Fillmore is a cute little tea shop upstairs and it has all kinds of cool teas and knick-knacks from “across the pond” as they like to say. As I was looking at all the great items on their shelves, I ran across a great little single-serving tea set decorated with cats.

I KNEW I had to get it for October’s “Cute Pet Photo” contest. Stuart, a wonderful lady who was working at the shop at the time, offered to buy the tea set and donate it to the cause. I wish I had taken a picture of her, but I was so excited about the tea set, I forgot. So if you’re ever down in Cherry Creek North, and you feel the need for some great teas, or real, authentic crumpets and marmalade, or to buy an authentic bowler hat (yes, they have one), stop on in and check it out.

Here are a couple of photos of the tea set that will be given to October’s winner of the “Cute Pet Photo” contest.

As you can see, it’s REALLY cool. Again, a HUGE thank you to Stuart at the Welsh Dragon Tea Shoppe at 235 Fillmore Street in Cherry Creek North in Denver. Nurse Nancy thanks you and all the cats and dogs thank you. Remember, spaying and neutering is the ONLY way to prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and fight pet overpopulation!

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