A Cat In Every Port!

This story of a wandering housecat comes via Mashable.com and illustrates why even housepets need some basic health education.

A suburban house cat in Ireland boarded a train and ended up lost in the bustling city of Dublin, but she was returned to her owner thanks to Twitter.
After train station staff discovered the cat named Lilou (not to be confused with the almost-iconic Sci-Fi character) in Dublin’s Pearse Street railway station, they took care of her while they searched for her owner.
That’s where Twitter (Twitter) came in. The staff tweeted about the cat on the IrishRail account, hoping her owner would reply and claim her, and that’s just what happened.
It probably seemed like a shot in the dark at first; the area served by Dublin’s rail system is huge. But the staff looked at security camera footage from the stations and found a shot of Lilou sneaking into a station. Thanks to the video, they were able to be specific about the her origins in their tweet, which also included a photo.
Once the cat was returned to her owner, she was awarded a rail pass, photo ID and all. Because you can’t just walk right onto the train without paying a fare!

As you can see, even the most loved housepet can break out and catch a train to exotic locations.  I don’t know if this cat has gone through the Nurse Nancy safe sex program, but if not, there could be a bunch of little kitties running around Ireland by next Spring.

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